Next Steps, networking enhancements coming in, windows Server 2016.
It also checks a folder different file repository - the windirWinSXS folder, aka the "component winsxs store" - and is able to obtain replacement files dism from a variety of potential sources.
If corruption is found and it can be server repaired, it's time to fire up the /RestoreHealth directive, which can also work from the /online image, or from a different targeted /source.
How data deduplication works in, windows Server 2012 R2, manage a library of images for Windows deployment.What other things can be done to clean up your dism server and free up space?Use mount point to mount an additional drive.If you have started Microsoft Search winsxs services, please move Windows.Windows system admins will find dism to be complex and sometimes challenging but well worth exploring.Small Fixes and Changes.For details server on the /source directive syntax, the.On servers with more than four cores, winsxs it will have a slight impact on performance.TechNet article "Repair a Windows Image" is invaluable. For example, recent Windows builds have included graphics driver data that was reported as corrupt, but the plantronics problem is with Windows file data, not the files themselves, so there's nothing to fix.
Step 2 of folder 2: repair the operating system windows without taking the server down by using the built-in System File Checker or the more robust and powerful Deployment Image Servicing and Management episode commands.
You must reboot you Computer after installing the Framework windows or the Win Integrator Setup will fail.
If SFC can't expression fix it, try Windows dism.Dig Deeper on Windows Server troubleshooting.But it often happens that local copies aren't available or are no more correct than the contents of the local component store itself.Small Fixes, version Beta: Fixed: Some Packages have been listed twice in presets and have been removed twice from the Image.Considering that we have 100's of windows servers, this scattering of patches is consuming at significant amount of space on our SAN (these windows servers are in VMWare).Windows Server 2008 R2 family, software Requirements: Microsoft.NET Framework 4 Client Profile Beta.If you get an Cannot Mount Image Error try this.Driver Integration including Bootcritical-Option if you need a Driver to Install Windows.I'm told by Microsoft PSS Support that it is unwise to simply delete the compressed uninstall directories within the Windows directories.CheckHealth command syntax, c:WindowsSystem32 dism /Online /Cleanup-Image kamen /CheckHealth, even on a server with a huge system volume, this command usually completes in less than 30 seconds and does not tax system resources.Search for the word "corrupt" to find most problems.

Package Removing, preset Creation, windows Feature Enabling and Disabling with a Windows Vista SP1 or Windows Server 2008 Image.
Better yet, the command offers a quick winsxs folder cleanup server 2008 r2 dism way to check an image before attempting to diagnose or repair problems with that image.