Then click the Set Password button to enter and confirm tweakui the password for the account.
Once you have completed entering the values, close the registry editor and restart to see if the changes have been successful.
Regedit, administrator privileges are required to run the Registry Editor.Double click on and change auto the AutoAdminLogon value to 0, then optionally empty the DefaultPassword value data so the password is no longer visible.Also, Microsoft now login owns Sysinternals, which they puchased login from the developer Mark tweakui Russinovich a while back.For that reason, this method should be used only if the others have failed. .Even if they can eventually bypass the password, make 'em work login for.There are three main registry values in the Winlogon key which need editing or creating, a fourth if you want to log on via a domain.Take note that this method only works if youre auto trying to logon as a local user, it wont login work for other types of logon such as domain accounts or Microsoft accounts (in Windows.x and 10).Its a tiny portable executable and currently only 135KB in size when extracted from the Zip.With both of the other methods above the password is encrypted.If not, TweakUI is an essential little tweaking, fixing and enhancing tool made by Microsoft themselves you really should have installed. That needs to be taken into doubt account.
I tested Sysinternals Autologon (released Nov 1, 2006) on Windows 7 and it worked fine for.
If you want to disable auto logon just press the Disable button, you dont need to edit any values in the boxes for that.Right click on Winlogon key New String Value and name.To revert tweakui the changes you have made tweakui and turn doubt off the auto logon function, salmon open the registry editor and go back to the Winlogon key from step.It seems that doubt after the computer restarts from the settings above, the hklm.If multiple users have constant access to your Windows computer, it is always salmon recommended to setup separate user accounts.M Logon Changer will even provide a preview of your new background on a logon screen.They are DefaultUserName, DefaultPassword, DefaultDomain and AutoAdminLogon.Sysinternals Autologon, if you want a small and simple tool that allows you to quickly enable or disable the Windows auto logon feature, then Autologon by Sysinternals will do the job.

Why make it super easy for a thief or hacker to get into your PC?
Type the password for the user into the box and again in the confirm box, and press.
But for others that want to enable it, consider this.