Noora then season asks season what's happening, telling her to season describe.
Eva's mom calls once more, and so Eva agrees but tells them to be really season quiet.
season Vilde then walks up to them and says Chris has to tell Sana she can't be on the bus anymore.Noora says she should just go to the school doctor, and Vilde asks if they season would come with her because it's weird to go there alone.Chris asks if she can be on their bus then, and Vilde asks if she did something illegal.Eva asks what happens if he doesn't call, and Vilde replies saying she would be a little relieved.Vilde goes to describe the dress in detail.Noora then says they have to go to the appointment with the school doctor, and Eva asks about Vilde to which Noora replies she will season meet season them there.Eva then hears a voice on the call and asks her who it was. She asks him where he is, and Jonas says crack he can't come over emeditor anymore.
Vilde asks if Eva and Jonas don't have sex, and Eva explains she has a NuvaRing, and that Vilde doesn't want to filemaker borrow that one.
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Vilde says rollercoaster she think they'll sleep together.Vilde says it's when William is available, emeditor and she suggests they drink at Eva's basement.Noora asks if they can't just stay there, saying they'll be quiet.Eva says they could invite him for dinner, and after asking when she leaves marker again, Eva says they could invite him over Friday night.Eva then walks inside and goes to the living room, where Jonas is gaming with Isak, Elias and another friend.Eva asks why not, and Jonas says he forgot he has to help his mom, and that it' important.