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Are there other sources from which this stuff fire comes song from?Pages 300-400 of GoT.Pages 1-100 of DwD.Also these fire resources and these more fire different resources.Pages 300-400 of SoS. Pages 500-600 of DwD Threads to look at eventually: This one, para this one, and ideas this other one.
1, a Song of Ice and Fire Campaign Guide - The second core book, describes Westeros in lavish cricket detail, providing full details on all the major regions and principal players of the game of thrones.
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Pages 700-end of GoT.Arya's easily my favorite character, and I fully expect her to become a warrior.External Links, references and Sources, this article or section is a stub.The "Others" are massing ideas an army north of the Wall and waiting for winter (also gladly letting the petty squabbles of the nobility south of the Wall weaken any potential resistance).Wedding Knight (pdf only) 2009 (Hardcover) and 2010 (Pocket) Editions.It's not overdone, but it's not bleakly minimalist agency either.Points off for how she treats Jon Snow - I like him, unreservedly so far.