Talk mode: Talk into the app, and AutoRap magically morphs your speech into a autorap legit rap.
Create your own original rap songs with Freestyle Beats and Premium Songs from smule artists like Snoop smule Dogg smule and Nicki Minaj to AutoRap.
The current catalog includes songs and beats by: Drake- Lil Wayne- Nicki Minaj Eminem smule feat.
Rihanna BOB T-Pain- Snoop Dogg Ludacris Tupac feat.Share, GO viral - connecting THE world through music.Dre - Outkast - Nelly - Beastie Boys - Kelis - Chamillionaire.and many more.Sing them a happy birthday theyll never forget, or give em the lowdown on autorap the sandwich you ate for lunch.Rihanna - BOB - T-Pain - Snoop Dogg - Ludacris - Tupac feat.Share your rap on via SMS, email, Facebook and Twitter.Have questions on a particular autorap permission?Always free: We offer one song that is always free Turkey Burgers so you can use the app anytime you want completely free, without autorap spending any money, ever.Take challenges from other AutoRappers - Discover Top Rappers.How to play AutoRap by Smule. Rap about something that matters to you and go viral.
Take challenges from other AutoRappers- Discover Top Rappers.
Dre Outkast Nelly Beastie Boys Kelis Chamillionaire and many more.
Now you can play AutoRap by Smule on PC, just autorap like AutoRap by Smule for PC design version.The current catalog includes edition songs and beats by: - Drake - Lil Wayne - Nicki Minaj - Eminem feat.Challenge your friends edition to an epic three-round, turn-by-turn rap-off and let AutoRap seamlessly weave verses from you and your opponent into a single track of rapperly rapport.AutoRap autotunes your verses to match the tempo of the beat you chose.Share your rap recordings media with your friends via text message, email, Facebook or Twitter.Note: Headphones recommended for maximum enjoyment.Download and Install Nox App Player Android Emulator.Dish a fresh rhyme in your own espejo time and style.Features: - Turn your words in to a rap song instantly - Talk mode - Auto-tune your freestyle verses (corrects bad rapping) - Rap mode - Rap Battles - show off your rapping.RAP battle: You don't have to rap alone.Select from over 100 beats from artists like Nicki Minaj, Eminem, Tupac, and Snoop Dogg.Always free: We offer one song that is always free - Turkey Burgers gratis - so you can use season the app anytime you want completely free, without spending any money, ever.