secret service uniformed division officer salary

Overtime is compensated at the secret rate of time and salary one-half, or through compensatory time off.
Citizen, division be between the ages of 21 and less than 40 at the time of appointment.
The Uniformed Division has three branches: the White House Branch, the Foreign Missions Branch, and the Naval Observatory Branch.
With more than 1,300 officers as of 2010, the Uniformed Division is responsible for service security at the White House Complex; the vice president's residence; the Department of the Treasury (as part of the White House Complex and foreign diplomatic missions in the District of Columbia.Top Secret Clearance, applicants must be able to obtain a Top Secret clearance.A 2013 Ford Police Interceptor of the.S.Units assigned to the Special Operations Division carry division a variety of non-standard weapons.Usss Webpage Press Release.After applying for a position in the Uniformed Division of the.S.Travel, uniformed Division officers may experience frequent travel.Possess visual acuity no service secret worse than 20/60 uncorrected, correctable to 20/20 in each eye. 6 The little continued use of the emulator MP5 page remains a episode source of controversy as many other federal agencies have casio moved away from submachine guns altogether and replaced them with automatic rifles.
Im asking so much about who makes more because i dont mind giving a good amount of years completely devoted to work, so when i retire i have a good amount that i can have a little extra in life.Note: Lasik, ALK, RK and PRK are acceptable corrective eye surgeries for Uniformed nhat Division officer applicants.Despite casio this, the agency has no current plans to replace this weapon.Follow this link to learn more about the background investigation.Background investigation, hiring panel interview.In 1970, the protection of foreign diplomatic missions was added to the force's responsibilities, and its name was changed to the Executive Protective books Service.