Then it is simply a total matter of closing with the enemy as quickly as possible to decide the battle.
The world was his.They are not unhappy heavily armoured, and do not have shields for protection, relying instead on the old maxim of 'speed is armour' for protection.Onagers unhappy Edit The onager is a catapult jokingly named for the tremendous kick it has when fired at the enemy (an "onager" is a wild ass).They are drawn from the peasant classes of all societies, as these rome are the people who need to be skilled hunters in order to survive.The Fates still spin the web of men's lives.What was may come again.It's there, at your service!They are, however, best used to dash in and harass total a mass of enemies, total such as heavy infantry who cannot hope to catch them.They are skirmishers and it is their task to harass and disrupt enemy units before the main battle lines clash.And just recently we began to host the best mod cities fro Barbarian Invasion - Goth's Mod. Have a look at this: Here we can see that the player has a lot more garrison than he or she needs.
When you hold the cursor over a building, it will say for example: "Paved Roads (Greek.They have little tactical sense, and even less willingness to photo fight - they spolszczenie would fire fire rather be defending their own homes than be dragged to a battle they neither care about nor understand.Full icnd unit guide with 2 screenshots and a short comment for each unit.Phew, the section wasn't updated for a long time, and many things have happened.That's why Peasants are so good.The Greeks can also build onagers, ballistas and heavy onagers.Sure, you get some thousand denarii that turn, but the army upkeep will just be divided to other cities.The cities of the Greek world spolszczenie have a long tradition of the people defending their own cities from invaders.Modding, ever americas wanted to conquer the world with boulder-throwing archers?

Heavy Onagers Edit The heavy onager is an enormous catapult built using the same basic design as its sibling and capable of smashing down stone fortifications.
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