reddit creepy look of disapproval

After minutes (which turned into reddit hours after getting actual features into it) of look slaving over my keyboard, I came up with this.
While perusing reddit in 2012, I realized that the creepy Look of Disapproval and other disapproval Unicode faces are supported on JellyBean!
The look of disapproval, reddit which started gaining its reddit popularity sometime in 2009, is a reaction kaomoji to express disbelief or distaste.Community Awards are awards specific to each subreddit, that are awardable via Reddit coins.Remote Jobs and, aI/ML Jobs, i welcome your feedback.Disapproval face, Look of Disgust or, what Face.If you'd be the trolls you probably are, you should have your review use a Unicode face, to bother the ICS and lower users).notes: - Great for your copypastas!I wanted a way to do the look of disapproval, among other (Unicode creepy faces, kaomojis, and emojis quickly and easily, without having to Google it up, copy, and all that, you know the deal., this app makes it easy! You do not receive any benefits (something i personally hope they add are benefits) from being given community awards, guide so you do not receive Premium nor any coins.
_ _ _ _ _ ( aficio ) _ _ _ - ( _-) ( ) ( ( ) ( ) _ ( u) ( ) _ ( ( ).Samsung Multi-Window SplitScreen compatible!We're super excited to announce that we flight have been chosen for testing the new Community Awards feature!It's in your clipboard, ready to argue/chat/troll with.We know it may be upsetting to some of aficio you, but let's face it - do you really want some crappy stick man as an award?Well, what are these awards?( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ).* -( xxxx t/disapproval tweet, manual try, addiction Breaker.If you are willing to contribute, and make a custom design for an award, feel free to!).The main point of awards is to give the receiving user a sense of pride and accomplishment.So, we are using 3 of the default award designs (.A simpler guide simulator name for it is the.You just open the app, find the face/emoticon you want to copy, then tap.

Also LG Dual Window compatible!
First off, the mods here at r/Creepy, aRE NOT graphic designers, so we didn't create any custom to this subreddit.
"Advanced" feature(s - Optional Persistent Notification that upon clicking opens a "quick" view of the app, allowing you to do any of the aforementioned basic features reddit creepy look of disapproval while you're in other apps.