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Some reports and documents are so long and complex that they need to be divided into sections, which are then best labeled with headings.The only way I could recover my usurped country and my Chilean childhood was by continuing to write in Spanish, the same way my grandparents had sung in their own tongues field in diasporic sites.(Chapter 32) A new chapter on taking essay exams (Chapter 41) 7752_fm_pi-xxxiv 6/15/09 11:45 AM Page ix Preface Ways of Teaching with The Norton Field Guide to Writing The Norton Field Guide is designed to give you both support and flexibility.I was smart, and I knew.Megan Jackson cleared edition text permissions, and Stephanie Romeo researched and cleared permission for the images.This email from a college student to his father, for example, shows a thoughtful, reasonable stance for a carefully researched argument: Hi Dad, Ill get right to the point: Id like to buy a car. Thinking about Audience Whom do you want to episode reach?
I wish I knew why I failed that test because then I might have written what was expected on the second try, maintained my enthusiasm for writing, and continued to do well.
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