Set all ZombieVolume spawn priorities to the default of 3000 so zeds killing won't all spawn in the town area when holding out at the main gates floor in regular KF mode.
Mutator Whitelist Additions/Updates edit Door Messages v3 Custom Weapon Priorities Skells Weapon Reskins WeaponsWorkShope lite update Classic ZED Voices Damage Popup Kill Messages V3 Visible Spectators PerkMinimum KFStatsX Custom Buy Menu Super Zombies 17th July 2013, 1050 edit Made the first objective on KFO-Steamland easier Added.
Fixed a server crash exploit Fixed achievement progress for original Killing Floor maps Bedlam - Hell on Earth Biotics Lab - Hard, Suicidal, Hell on Earth Farm - Hard, Suicidal, Hell on Earth Foundry - Hell on Earth Manor - Hard, Suicidal, Hell on Earth.Complete this years Summer Achievements to unlock Steampunk Mrs.Fixed bug that allowed player to pickup up weapons for ammo.Foster Added system for Displaying Dialogue on the HUD and also playing voiceover audio.Fixed some medic guns not properly crediting the player for healing Fixed M4 pickup giving player M4203 ammo when M4203 is in inventory UI edit New Trader menu filters: Weapons now show up under perk tabs (which defaults to your in-use perk) There is also.Fixed official mutators to work with low max specimen values in sandbox.OpenGL users can now properly enable/disable bloom and detailed shadows from the options menu 7th November 2013, 1056 edit Weapons edit Fixed bug that prevented dual pistols from being purchased floor when weight is almost maxed Fixed inability to pick-up second set of duals Modified Handcannon.The archive of updates in 2013: Contents 1 4th killing December 2013, 1057 2 7th November 2013, th update October 2013, th October rd October 2013,1054 6 28th August 2013, th July 2013, th July 2013, 1050 9 4th July 2013, rd July th May 2013, 1047.Them' to match the steam overlay Server Browser should now sort by ping by default FrightYard edit Fixed players getting trapped in trader room Fixed several blocking volume exploits Minor tweaks and improvements Modding edit Added the cheat 'KillZed' back in Servers edit 'KFO' maps.Foster 4th July 2013, 1049 edit Fixed bug which prevented people to achieve old Summer Sideshow achievements 3rd July 2013 edit Summer Sideshow Event floor edit Event Details edit Summer is back and the Summer Zeds are here to play! When one is purchased, the others will be full removed.
Fixed an exploit where players could stand on an invisible ledge in front of the sign update above the rear Casino door.
Added floor full many new Scripted action objects.Level designers can configure this to get it to look the way they want.Abusement Park : Set rotating platform's collision to block weapons and remade a large blocking volume to prevent exploit.Added Scriptable NPCs which can be placed by level designers Added emeditor Carryable inventory items which can be configured to do lots of different things (slow players down, speed them up, get zeds to ignore them, etc.) Added a new ZED Spawning System which lets level.24th October 2013 edit tycoon Fixed MapEndTexture failure 23rd October 2013,1054 edit Content edit New Map - Fright Yard (in both Wave and Objective mode) New Camo Weapons Pack New DLC Weapons - Us vs Them pack New DLC Character Reggie The Rocker!Fixed Steam Workshop downloads on Linux/Mac downloading to the wrong location.Fill Ammo will now fill essentials ammo first, before grenades Removed software rendering mode from the options menu Added beta support for OpenGL to the options menu on Windows Added wave information to the server browser Fixed changing language not working on Linux and Mac builds.Turned off collision on Lockheart's safe doors so they won't push you when they open.Added a checkpoint system which can respawn dead players and also reset the game to a previously saved state.Fixed dynamic loading for Camo M32 and Camo MP5M.Privacy Policy, legal, steam Subscriber Agreement, refunds.Removed some code that was specialized for the old weight system for handcannons that allowed a second handcannon to be picked up after max weight was achieved.

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Fixed a few misaligned/stretched textures.