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Like many powerful but helplessly horny men who will do anything for the home women depreciation they desire, the king proclaims that hell give Esther whatever she wants.
When the king is pleasantly drunk, well-fed, and deduction well-shtupped, he asks Esther again: What does she want?
I also hope you dont take yourself (Haman) or deduction your religion (Mordecai) so seriously depreciation that it leads you to kill those human beings who dont bow office down to you or your God.
And, since Haman is now the kings pet, he uses Ahasuerus royal seal to issue an edict office that all princes in all provinces must prepare to destroy, to slay, to annihilate all Jews, young and old, women and children, in one day, the 13th day.This is the greatest humiliation of his life (so far his Walk of Shame, leading Mordecai through the streets of Shushan on the kings horse.Next article, gemini Tub Repair.Will he even assault the queen in my presence?Not that Esther deep-throats the thing, but the Bible does say, rather suggestively, that she touches the tip of his scepter.In fact, shes scared to death.After all, when you save someones life, you win their trust.Go hire a hooker from the Emperors Club. This is the heart depreciation of the art of sexual seduction.
But make no mistake: Esthers go go, but shes no bimboShes about to get into deduction some high stakes political action.Mix pleasure with a office little pain. .Ethnic, religious, racial and sexual intolerance is a curse of civilization.Ah, the belligerent joy of sharing a common enemy.Hamens Walk of Shame So now, deduction as you can imagine, the king home has royal blue balls.He puts on sackcloth and ashes and roams by Esthers window wailing, Oy gevalt!Somany orgasms, beauty treatments and how-to-please-your-man tutorials later, the time comes for Esther office to go in unto the king.Meanwhile back at the palace, Ahasuerus, still excited by Esthers teasing, cant sleep.Some folks are still into the virgin fetishwe even have born-again virginswhich can be a problem, in my opinion as a m/ sex therapist. .Thats the entry the king hears, and he decides hes got to honor this Mordecai in some way.Haman is in such shock and pain, he feels like a freshly castrated eunuch. .Mistress Goddess Queen Esther That night, Esther throws home the dinner party of her life, with more wine and sex and sweetmeats, plus, I would imagine, a few of her harem sisters and maybe a eunuch for spice.Maybe shes on the rag.