foxit reader windows 8.1

Quickly learn the product by utilizing the Microsoft Office style ribbon toolbar, which foxit provides a foxit familiar user interface.
Foxit Reader also includes easy to use collaboration features like the ability to add annotations, fill out forms, and add text to PDF documents.
Provide authors with comments on documents, be notified when new document versions become available, discuss interesting topics right in the document, foxit or securely open protected documents.
Foxit foxit Reader has a small footprint that foxit starts up instantly, renders PDF files quickly and uses very little memory, which is especially important with today's handheld devices.Foxit Reader for foxit PC offline installer from site by clicking on free download button.Sign documents in your own handwriting or utilize eSignature.Xml 0 22:32 App/Foxit Reader/wrappers/ 0 22:32 App/Foxit Reader/wrappers/en-US/ :51 App/Foxit :21 App/Foxit 0 22:32 Data/ 0 22:32 Data/mInstaller/ 44 22:32 Data/i :16 FoxitReaderPortable.Customize and Deploy Take control in enterprise wide deployments.Jaws (Job Access With Speech) compatibility allowing blind and visually impaired users to read the screen either with a text-to-speech output or by a refreshable Braille.Fpi :30 App/Foxit Reader/plugins/Updater.Exe :58 App/Foxit Reader/n :15 reader App/Foxit Reader/FoxitUpdater.Participant in shared and connected reviews.Pdf 4752 23:56 App/Foxit Reader/stamps/en-US/Standard Stamps/Final. Protect and Sign Encrypt and sign PDFs.
The reader is built upon the industrys fastest and most accurate (high fidelity) PDF nature rendering engine, providing users with the best PDF nature viewing and printing experience.
Many of the documents you interact with are PDF documents.Download Foxit Reader.Fpi :30 App/Foxit character Reader/plugins/Browser.ConnectedPDF Document Management - Track to see who opens your document and what they do and notify readers of new updates.When teams collaborate and share information, they work nurture at their best.Fpi :44 App/Foxit nature :33 App/Foxit :33 App/Foxit Reader/plugins/cpdfoclink.ConnectedPDF is leading edge technology that powers cloud-based services for PDF files, services include: nature ConnectedPDF Security - grant and revoke document access.The PDF Reader supports multiple security options.Exe, file Name : tup.Pdf nature 5848 23:56 App/Foxit Reader/stamps/en-US/Standard Stamps/Emergency.Collaborate and Share Annotate, share, and collaborate.Fpi 0 22:32 App/Foxit Reader/plugins/Creator/ :29 App/Foxit 0 22:32 App/Foxit Reader/plugins/Creator/x86/ :29 App/Foxit 5914 01:30 App/Foxit :30 App/Foxit :31 App/Foxit :31 App/Foxit Reader/plugins/EpubViewer.Exe :28 App/Foxit Reader/fpcsdk.Dll :01 nurture App/Foxit Reader/mfc100u.dll :01 App/Foxit Reader/mfcm100u.dll :01 App/Foxit Reader/msvcp100.dll :01 App/Foxit Reader/msvcr100.dll :44 App/Foxit Reader/notice.Integrate with leading storage services Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Alfresco, and SharePoint. Length Date Time Name :32 App/ 0 foxit reader windows 8.1 22:32 App/AppInfo/ :01 App/AppInfo/appicon.
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Product Name : Foxit Reader Setup Product Version : 8 ader.