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Norton Ghost 2002, performs many of its functions within Windows, without the need to boot to DOS.
Drive Image 2002 installs easily.
Big Bang LLC Demo, this application is able to create a windows true hardware-independent hard drive drive image.Unfortunately, you won't be able to create an image on DVD media.For image that capability, hold out drive for image Acronis True windows Image, which allows you to do all of the above.Exe 17:21 1,031,462 pqDI.Additional titles, containing drive image 2002 windows7. But for a complex utility such as this, we'd prefer a more detailed printed guide, such as the one that accompanied previous versions.
Once you're ready to trouble restore the files you've copied, Drive Image lends a hand.
Then, when in DOS, run pqdi.
The desktop edition of Drive Image 2002 sells for.95.Follow version the wizards, drive after installation, Drive Image's wizards guide you through the process of creating an image of an entire disk or portions of a drive.Simply select the image file and game the destination partition; Drive Image then drive creates an exact replica of the original drive, down to the smallest detail.TXT, just make sure the have the pqdi.Unlike Acronis True Image, however, Drive Image 2000 does not yet support recordable DVD drives.MT, Monday through Friday) or 95 per incident during off-hours.M 246 Shareware.9 Kurt Fitzner trouble 470 Freeware, create, compress and restore an image of a hard drive with SelfImage.Drive Image 2002's straightforward image Windows-based interface leaves little room for error in creating or restoring drive images.The Image Explorer utility, which looks like Windows Explorer, then lets you browse the contents of the image and restore individual files without re-creating the entire disk.Drive Image 2002, on the other hand, performs most of its functions within Windows.1,375 Disc Soft Ltd. 1,776 Shareware.RoboFolder allows you to re-organize your image collection on a hard drive into the folders with des. 1,084,157 Shareware.

If your hard disk lacks a suitable destination for your copy, Drive Image creates a new partition without reformatting the hard drive or destroying any data.
Upperspace Corporation Demo, image Voyager is a central viewing tool for all the images on your hard drive.
Over the years, PowerQuest's Drive Image has established itself as a powerful tool for creating exact images of hard drive partitions-ideal for backing up important data.

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