clean up old dns records  server 2003

Generally, the records dhcp client and server server helps clean up these records and, in some configurations, the clean dhcp server does it all.
Dnsclient has seven days to refresh its records before records the record is considered stale.
It is likely to work on other platforms as well.Again, server by default, this setting is also seven days.Get this solution by purchasing an Individual license!No-refresh interval: The time between the most server recent refresh of a record timestamp and the moment when the timestamp may records be refreshed again.First, let me establish my bias in saying that all this information pertains to Active Directory Integrated Zones. Scavenging jobs will use processor time.
Scavenging period: No definition in GUI.
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This script is tested on these platforms by the author.These definitions come directly from the DNS windows GUI.DNS aging and scavenging simplified, marcus Oh, Contributor, m, introduced in Windows 2000, view Dynamic DNS game brought a windows process with it called DNS scavenging where it would not be needed in a perfect world - but who lives in a perfect world?Enterprise environment: Designate a DNS server queue to handle all scavenging and nothing else.This is great in making sure queue that scavenging does not utilize all the processing capacity, windows but it is horrible if your DNS servers are heavily utilized.