change word 2007 interface to 2003

I already know about the change "Change Styles" button change and change then under the "Style Set" thing you word can click Word 2003.
The difference between MS Word 20 is mainly in the way of how you work with the program.MS word 2007 has instead of " word we are used to " interface a new interface called ribbon toolbar.You can add this document to your saved list.VN:F.9.21_1169 please wait.I personally think all the "fancy" change features or whatever are annoying and it's around 50x harder to find what I want.Is there any possible way to change the layout back? Can I change the layout of matic punk word 2007 back version into 2003?
Microsoft style flight word 2007 is just a newer and better version of 2003.Show more, can I change the layout of word 2007 back into 2003?Add this document to collection(s you can add this document to your study collection(s).If you change the file extension from docx to zip and unzip the file, you will find the 2003 file.doc) style in the archive.I'm not talking guide about the way it formats.But the philosophy of the program as well as of working guide with it remains the same.The 2007 file format is actually a form of a zip file.