Question NO: 40 Which of dumps the following are benefits of vlans?
There is only one loopback address and it is :1.
Question NO: 67 Refer to the exhibit.Answer: A,C,E Explanation: Explanation From ccnp the output, we see that all ports are in designated role (forwarding state).Each ccnp instance of pvst on a vlan has a single root switch.Each network dumps device gets the full bandwidth of the segment and does not have to share the segment with other devices.In this case the port ccnp priorities are equal because they use the default value, so ccnp Switch4 will compare port ccnp index values, which are unique to each port on the switch, and because Fa0/12 is inferior to Fa0/1, Switch4 will select the port connected with Fa0/1.SwitchD, Gi0/2, root Cisco 200-120 Exam Answer: A,B,F Explanation: Explanation The question says no other configuration changes have been made so we can understand these switches have the same bridge priority.The lowest BID will win the election process.Make full use of the free PDF demos.Vlan 10 on CAT1 and vlan 1 on CAT2 will send tagged frames.Transport Answer: B Explanation: Explanation rstp and STP operate on switches and are based on the exchange of Bridge Protocol Data Units dumps (bpdus) between switches. Answer: A,C,E dumps Explanation: By default, 802.1Q trunk defined Native vlan in order to forward season unmarked frame.
The correct encapsulation type has not been configured.
A Router is used to separate Broadcast-Domains (we tomb could also call them Subnets - or call them vlans).The IP and IPX protocols most closely match the candy OSI network layer (Layer 3) and are called Layer 3 protocols because their raider functions most closely match OSI's Layer.Each vlan creates a separate, smaller broadcast dumps domain.Vlans that do not correspond to a unique IP subnet Answer: C Explanation: Untagged frames are encapsulated with the native vlan.To communicate on different commodore network we have to use Layer 3 addresses (IP addresses) - B is not correct.When there is no traffic detected, a device will transmit its message.The number of nero collision domains would remain the same.One more thing to notice is that a root bridge always advertises the cost to the root bridge (itself) with an initial value.

The ccnp dumps pdf 2012 process for root bridge selection.
Which switch provides the spanning-tree designated port role for the network segment that services the printers?