Communication Systems: Digital And Analog Communication System by K Sam Sanmugam.
Electrical Engineering electrical Materials: A Course In Electrical Engineering Materials.
Analog Electronics: Integrated Electronics by Milliman and Halkis.
Optical electrical Fiber Communication, senior.Garg (Part-I II books Peavy, Metcalf Eddy.This book covers all topics required electrical for ESE preparation.Computer electrical Engineering (i) electrical Microprocessor Architecture, Programming Application (ii) Computer Organization and Structure Ramesh.Bimbhra, power System: Electrical Power Systems.This book is recommended for gate and ESE preparation.Electrical Machine (i) Electrical Machinery (ii) Electrical Machines PS Bhimra electrical Nagrath Kothari. Power Electronics PS Bhimra Our classroom materials will cover best the required syllabus.
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Microprocessors: Microprocessor Architecture, Programming, and Applications with the 8085 by Ramesh Gaonkar.
Email : Books recover for electrical engineering.This is the only book which cover complete syllabus for ESE.Electro Magnetic Theory (i) Elements of Engineering Electromagnetics electrical (ii) Elements of Electromagnetics (iii) Engineering Electromagnetics (iv) Antenna and Wave Propagation.Control System (i) Control System Engg.Khanna Justo, Kadiyali.This book is good for self preparation.Communication System (i) Communication System (ii) An introduction to Analog electrical and Digital Communication (iii) Communication System : Analog and Digital (iv) Modern Digital and Analog Communication System (v) Electronic Communication System, simon Haykins.Roy Chaudhary Hayt.Microwave Engineering (i) Microwave Devices and Circuits keygen (ii) Microwave Engineering (iii) Microwave Engineering Liao Sanjeev Gupta Pozar.It covers good set of examples for practicing.Network Theory (i) Networks and Systems (ii) Engineering Circuit Analysis.Electrical Engineering Material science.P.Electronic Devices Circuits Analog Electronics (i) Integrated electronics : Analog and Digital Circuit and system (ii) Microelectronic Circuits (iii) Electronic Devices and Circuits (iv) OP Amp and linear Integrated Circuit (v) Solid State electronic devices (vi) Semiconductor spam devices, jacob Millman Christos.Power Electronics: Power Electronics by PS Bimbhra, signals System: Signals System, by Oppehum, Willsky Nacob.Here we books have the recommended book list for preparation.