assassin's creed 3 1.02 update

Characters appearance and Gamertags can no longer assassins be creed accidentally reverted on Wolfpack podium staging.
Sequence 7 - lexington AND concord: fixed a bug update where the player could stay stuck on the road while creed on horseback at a specific spot on the mission's update path.
Fixed a bug where the "Fast Travel Points Unlocked" stat update could not reach 100 - Fixed a possible crash after creed all pivots have been synched - Fixed bad date formatting in Notification Center - Fixed various typos and bad translations - Made sure Boston.
In Wolfpack, some targets that were not visible to players under certain conditions can now be seen correctly.New York Liberation Missions: fixed a few cases where the player could get to the event's icon but nothing would happen.Abilities - Players are no longer stuck after they got hit by knives while climbing cranes.Epilogue - Fixed Animus Synching gameplay that could get stuck.Changelog: Single Player, global Fixes - Couriers will now appear more often in Boston and New York - Fixed a bug where consumables would not be restored properly after playing a naval mission - Fixed a bug where multiple copies of heralds or paper boys. The Strong Mans white costume, alternative costume and warrior costume now display properly when hiding in a games clone group.
Players are no longer stuck on leaving game session screen under certain circumstances.Closure now seals and opens Chase Breakers for the kickass player who used the ability as intended.In Artifact Assault, Team members can games now correctly score when the initial artifact carrier gets killed under certain conditions.Frontier - fifty Added auto-whistle for a horse when entering Frontier from Boston, New York or Homestead - windows Fixed NPC committing suicide when the player approaches.Menus - Fixed a bug where it was impossible to games hide the on-screen money counter and "hold to skip" message.Multiplayer, modes - In Wolfpack, a target doesnt remain stuck on the ground if the player hosting the game leaves while another player is joining at the same time.Version:.1.02 -.1.03, single-player, sequence - Fixed a potential crash in mission Bridewell Prison when trying to skip cinematic with Mason.The Unstoppable Perk now correctly opens recently closed Chase Breakers in the Animus Core map.Report problems with download.Side Quests - Boston Brawlers: clearer message after beating all ex-champions, stating that windows you need to go back to Boston - Boston Underground: fixed a bug where exploded barrels could come back if you re-entered through the South Commons entrance.Players can no longer get killed by another player from any distance after performing a haystack kill.Sound will properly keep playing when trying to watch a video under certain conditions.