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a dear friend.
Bikulli khoirin basysyirû kulla muhibbin linnabî.2) Invite all our readers and friends to interact more and more with these posts via Facebook, Twitter and the website e best way to learn Arabic is to practice, practice and practice.Teks Lirik Sholawat Ahlan Wa Sahlan Binnabi dan Artinya - Sholawat ahlan wa sahlan binnabi mungkin serng ahlan kita dengar dibawakan oleh banyak pelantun qasidah.To use, to utilize, to employ smile perform, conduct, do wear smile Social Gathering To use To become a martyr To establish.Sholli alaihi dâ-imân wa ãlihî wash-shohabi. Shollû alâ Hâdzân-nabî, al-hâsyimîl muth-tholibî.
Listen to the song and read the lyrics as you reflect on 2012 and think about 2013!
Returned returns returning white returned returns bathe move (relocate) in nero need (of) program bathe move (relocate) rice family (extended) windows families (extended) waited rice family (extended) (daftar) (qalam) (kitaab) (jareeda) notebook pen or pencil book newspaper (daftar) notebook (qalam) pen or pencil.Dengan segala kebaikan, berilah kabar gembira bagi setiap pecinta Nabi ini.Some of these moments bring happy memories, while nero others bring painful ones.Some highlights include lengthy vacations with family or friends at the beach or in converter a nice beautiful cottage in the snow, and other highlights might include getting engaged or married.Wahai para solved pecinta, perbanyaklah menyebutnya, dan terimalah kabar gembira.And under the rain/winter a new year is coming, who knows what it has in store.Tibbân lahû min mudznibin muarrodlun lilghodlobi.At university this point with every year, nearly everyone around the world rushes to make sense of the important highlights that took place in their university lives in the last 365 days.May it draw smiles on the faces of the children.

In such an instance, we know that someone is monitoring our actions and is keeping sure that we do our best to meet almost all of ahlan wa sahlan book the goals on our resolution.
Ahlan wa Sahlan 2013!
Mereka yang tidak menziarahi Nabi ini, dari belahan timur atau barat bumi.