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Summary: Recorded over a maison week, the Malian musicians worked with Damon Albarn, David Maclean of Django Django, Ghostpoet, Holy Other, Two Inch express and Yeah Yeah Yeahs guitarist Nick Zinner.
"Milk" (Remi Kabaka featuring Batoma Sidibé) Remi Kabaka Batoma Sidibé.Africa Express score by proffering a maison raw immediacy and innovative spirit that instantly expels any whiff of imperialist musical tourism.A4, bijou, dougoudé SarrafoBijou, producer, damon Albarn, written By Bijou.Hes flanked by an earth-shattering bass and the percussive stomp of Doucouras talking drums, while a constant metal clanking in the background adds extra mysticism express to a chorus thats like a prayer to the gods."Bouramsy" ( Lil Silva ) Lil Silva 3:49."Season Change" ( Ghostpoet featuring Doucoura Damon Albarn maison ) Two Inch Punch Damon Albarn 3:57.Score distribution: Positive: 6 out of 6, mixed: 0 out of 6, negative: 0 out.Maison des Jeunes express teems with innovation, and shows the awesome diversity of music from Mali alone, while sections of the Western media still lump African music together as a single genre.The Africa Express musicians only returned from Mali just over a month express ago, but despite the rapid release jeunes schedule, Albarn has here overseen a memorable and important album. "Man Nyale Totebereye" (Tiemoko Sogodogo) Brian Eno.
"Another Power Cut" Damon Albarn References glass edit.
Damon Albarn in implementation collaboration with African musicians for the Africa Express project that disk Albarn launched in early 2013.
Tracklist, hide Credits, a1, adama Koita, fantainfalla africa Toyi Bolo.Django Django, Holy Other, Lil Silva, Cid Rim, Two Inch Punch, and more.Africa Express Presents: Maison agency Des Jeunes, released digitally on December 9 via.The result is a shortcut fresh, varied set that mixes ancient and modern."Deni Kelen Be Koko" (Lobi Traoré disk Band) David Maclean 5:46.The record is a continuation of Albarn's.Maison Des Jeunes is a 2013 album by musician.Nonetheless, Maison des Jeunes shows that Africa Express is steaming ahead, and in the face of musical oppression in Mali more relevant than ever.«Season secure Change» Ghostpoet feat.Elsewhere, London producer Two Inch Punch brilliantly conjures an unexpectedly contemporary track, Rapou Kanou, out of traditional elements, blending Tal B Halalas coarse Arabic vocals and the chiming kora (a West African stringed instrument) into something that sounds a little like Gold Panda.Photos, seye strumming guitar in Bamakos Bogalan studio, used to record Songhoy Blues, by Nick Zinner 2013.